Still Life is a series of work that I photographed in my living environment by going closer to objects and it’s environment, in which I encountered in my daily life. I divided these photographic images into categories such as liveliness, cleanliness, expendables, conservation, invention and history museums, working people, and tools and workshops. These categorized works are made into a form of booklet.

The photographic images in the booklets expand into a space to become as exhibitional objects.

Still Life Booklets

Still Life #1
Still Life #2 Deutsches Museum
Still Life #3 Color
Still Life #4 Taxidermy
Still Life #5 Tidy
Still Life #6 At Home
Still Life #7 No Mythologies To Follow by Johanna Hoth
Still Life #8 Openings and After
Still Life #9 Jean-Jacques Lebel's Car
Still Life #10 Inside Urban Space: Sort, Work, Distance, and Light
Still Life #11 At a Graveyard
Still Life #12 Assemblage
Still Life #13 At a Studio: Restoration

printed with XEROX DC5000 on coated paper 170g
cover with uncoated paper 170g
19.5 x 25.0 cm