The Walk - Naples-Karlsruhe-Zürich-Karlsruhe
A group exhibition at Summer exhibition at University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe
Participated as curator and artist

The project THE WALK is a collaborative project run by HfG Karlsruhe, ETH Zürich, and HfBK Hamburg.

In Summer 2012, the Photography department of HfG Karlsruhe and Architecture department of ETH Zürich visited Naples, Italy to participate in a project initiated by an artist group „STALKER“. We walked in the places where abandoned or prohibited by the government in the city of Naples, Pomeii, and in between. The goal was to activate these places by producing artworks by walking across those areas.

The exhibitions with the works took the concept of the walk, in order to activate spaces and give another view to the exhibition space. We used the forgotten materials in the exhibited places by using them as display system and activated the spaces by exhibiting them by thinking about how the photographic prints can be enlarged and treated as sculpture.

*Documentation photos by Tobias Wootton